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We offer a range of conveyor equipment to suit many businesses operating across a wide range of industries:

Vacuum Belt Conveyors

Our vacuum belt conveyors are designed for use in a wide variety of settings and product types, and due to their specialist nature we design versions specific to the client’s requirements.

We can also provide vacuum conveyor belts to work with your existing machines as we’re experienced as third party suppliers to certain production machinery manufacturers.

Mild Steel Belt Conveyors

A robust, cost effective and adaptable solution that can be used as part of an existing conveyor belt system. Our mild steel belt conveyors are made of precision cut mild steel side frames that can be coloured using a highly durable powder coating.

Stainless Steel Conveyors

Providing long life through being made of a corrosion-resistant metal, stainless steel conveyors are ideal where belts have to be washed down regularly to maintain high standards of hygiene, such as in food production environments where regular exposure to water and cleaning fluids won’t adversely affect them.

Aluminium Belt Conveyors

A popular choice for high volume, intensive environments such as production lines running round the clock, our aluminium belt conveyors provide a highly reliable and durable production solution. Available in various widths and any length, our aluminium conveyor belts are available in versions to suit most demands.