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Vacuum Belt Conveyors

Range from small, lightweight conveyors ideally suited to be used alongside labelling machinery to larger conveyors with large vacuum pumps used in more industrial processes.

Advanced Conveyor Belt Systems Ltd have designed and developed vacuum belt conveyors to be used in a number of different environments and with many different products. They are generally designed to suit a specific process and application rather than “off the shelf” so you can be sure you are getting a conveyor that is ideally suited for your requirements.

Advanced Vacuum belt conveyors are manufactured by perforating the belt with rows of holes and drawing air through slots in the running beds of the belt conveyor. They are designed to hold flat parts in place on the belt surface to allow for accurate positioning. The amount of vacuum required and the pattern of holes in the belt surface is dependant on the application.

We supply a number of vacuum belt conveyors into 3rd party machinery suppliers so if you are looking for something to compliment your equipment Advanced Conveyor Belt Systems Ltd can work with you.