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Vacuum Belt Conveyors

These can be lightweight, smaller belt conveyors used alongside labelling equipment up to larger variants using a heavy duty vacuum pump deployed in high volume industrial environments.

Over time Advanced Conveyor Belts have developed vacuum belt conveyors for various different applications across several different industries designed specifically for the individual client’s specific needs. It’s not a ‘one size fits all’ solution but a design appropriate for specific applications.

Vacuum belt conveyors are for applications where holding items in place for precise positioning is key, so the belt has rows of perforations to draw air through the slots of the running beds of the conveyor itself. Amounts of vacuum and thus the pattern of the perforations varies, and is dependent on the conveyor’s intended use.

If you require a belt conveyor to work with machinery you already use, then we can help as we already provide belt equipment to third party machine manufacturers. Ask for further details.